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Stalls: 16.50
Grand Circle: 20.50

1-3 Tickets: Full Price

4-9 Tickets: Discount
1 off Ticket Price
Stalls: 15.50
Grand Circle: 19.50

 10+ Tickets: Discount
2 off Ticket Price
Stalls: 14.50
Grand Circle: 18.50

Welcome to Attic Theatre

Dick is our hero who's heading to the mighty kingdom of Aberdonia to seek his fortune.
Evil is around every corner and down every toilet so it would seem.
King Rat has very different plans for anyone that gets in his way.
When Dick teams up with his new best friend Tommy they will accomplish great things.
Join us for a swashbuckling adventure with love, laughter and lots of local references.
We'll have you tapping your feet, singing along and probably dancing in the aisles with our fabulous live 5 piece band.

Get your tickets for the best Pantomime in town.